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At Currumbin Valley Vet, we do what we do because we love animals above all. Like many avian vets will tell you, there are good days and there are definitely bad days. Often the reason for the worst days, as you can imagine, is having to euthanise someone’s beloved life companion – or even worse, having to euthanise because the person simply didn’t care. On the Gold Coast birds are a common pet and we see all manner of cases, from people that simply hadn’t been properly educated on the care of their birds, to having to put a bird down because the person had a friend watch them for a weekend and something unfortunate happened.

In some instances of pet euthanasia, we could have saved the animal if only the owner had been paying attention to signs such as the animal refusing to eat, being lethargic and overall change in mood. It definitely hurts for all of us when it is too little, too late and the only option is to end the animals suffering – no matter the reason.

In many cases, clients will not take into account the stress that we endure by dealing with these situations on a frequent basis. Yes, it is our chosen profession, but we are still human and having to take the life of an animal is a painful and unpleasant experience. These factors can play a huge role, some clients treat us as if we are their enemy – as if we have done something wrong by informing them that their pet has no further option than to be euthanised. Clients in the past have lashed out verbally when we explain to them the reasons why their pet has reached the end of their life. We’ve also seen clients that weren’t even willing to come in for a consultation, to them the life of their pet just wasn’t worth the trip or the money. It can be frustrating for avian vets like us, but we do it anyway and are always trying to keep the animals’ well-being in mind above all else.

Why You Should Consider Brisbane Bird Boarding During Your Holiday

As we spoke about above, we have seen many situations with Gold Coast birds due to the hiring of a pet sitter or a person having a friend watch their avian friend. Even though many people mean well, understanding the intricacies of bird care is a complicated affair that is best left to a professional while you are away. We offer a bird boarding service for clients in Northern NSW, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Bird boarding will ensure that your feathered friend is 100% safe and professionally cared for, so you don’t come home to a sad surprise with an injured or sick pet or even worse. It may be an added cost to your holiday, but your pets’ well being is worth it and in the end, we are avian vets that know exactly what they need and how to care for them.

We hope this article gives you a bit of insight into what it is like for avian vets and the issues we often face. If we come off a bit abrasive, it’s only because we care so much. When you are planning your next trip, consider our Gold Coast bird boarding service to ensure that your life companion is safe and healthy upon your return. If you would like to learn more about bird care, we have many articles for you to read here.


Do Gold Coast birds require special care?

Gold Coast birds, like any bird, require your full attention and a ton of love. Avian vets recommend that you spend at least one hour every day just for one on one training. Don’t push your bird too far though – if your bird is showing signs of frustration or appears to be getting tired, give them a break and start again tomorrow.

How much are Brisbane bird boarding services?

In Brisbane, bird boarding will depend on many factors including your bird’s breed, age, size, temperament and the amount of time you will need to be boarded. It is always best to enlist the services of avian vets for the purposes of boarding. There are many stories of a bird meeting its unfortunate end because the owner had a well-meaning but inexperienced friend look after them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

My bird isn’t eating, what should I do?

In almost every case, if your bird is suddenly not eating, then you need to take them to your avian vets clinic immediately. There are many problems that could be causing this change in behaviour, but it is always best to have a professional look into the matter and make sure your feathered friend has not ingested something that is life threatening or developed an issue that needs to be urgently addressed.

What are signs that I should take my bird to the vet?

In general, you should keep scheduled appointments for a regular check up at your avian vets clinic. Beyond the usual visits, remember that birds are a lot like 3 to 5 year old children. If they are usually very happy and love to interact with you but out of nowhere become withdrawn and lethargic, then something is definitely wrong and you need to get them in for an evaluation immediately.

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