Terry Burgan

My wife and I have had Budgies at home for over 10 years.  In that time we have had our share of trips to Vets. It was costing us a lot of time and money.  Many years into our experience with these great little birds we moved to the Gold Coast and inevitably the Budgies got sick.  After a the tragic death of our favorite Budgie “Baggins” we sought to find a higher level of expertise within the Avian field and we stumbled on Currumbin Vet Services.  Not only have we learnt so much about the care of our Budgies with regards to what they should be eating and more importantly what they “should not” be eating, our appreciation and our ability to truly care for them has increased immeasurably.  Peter and Penny educate their clients and this saves you money in the long run. Our visits to the “bird doctors” are now rare as we have the correct information.  Michelle and I found that because Currumbin Vet Services and their staff are specialized in their field (Birds) the passion and care that was extended to our feathery friends was amazing.  They are friendly and professional and I can say with full conviction that I highly recommend their services to any one who loves their birds as much as we do. 

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