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Here at Currumbin Valley Vet, we are much more than just an exotic animal veterinarian – we offer bird boarding as well. Our Gold Coast bird boarding facilities and expertly trained staff will make sure that your bird is safe, happy and has minimal stress while you are away on holiday.

We have decades of experience with boarding birds of all kinds from Budgerigars to Conures, Cockatiels and Cockatoos – we even have 2 resident Macaws on site! So if you’re looking for a place to board your bird while you’re away, look no further than our exotic animal boarding facility! Here are some reasons why exotic pet boarding is a better option than leaving them with a friend or family member.

Bird Sitting Isn’t Always Easy

There are a number of reasons why you should leave the bird sitting to a professional. Chief among them is their understanding of factors such as bird behaviour, psychology and of course diet. It’s a lot of responsibility to put on a friend or family member and many people aren’t familiar with bird sitting in general.

After all, bird minding is far different from watching your friend’s dog or cat. Dogs need food, water, a couple of walks a day and some affection – depending on the dog of course. Cats are in general a fairly self sufficient animal, they come and go as they please, often rule the roost and probably won’t pay much attention to whether or not their owner is gone – again, depending on the cat.

But when it comes to bird pet sitting, you really need to be on top of your game. Birds have more requirements and needs. They can be easily stressed out while their companion is away. They can and will often rebel as they may not see you as the leader of their flock in the owner’s absence. This can lead to problems with your bird exhibiting stress behaviour such as feather plucking.

Professional parrot boarding will help avoid all of this in a number of ways:

  • Top quality care with our highly trained bird specialists
  • Attention to detail when it comes to environmental and dietary needs
  • Top notch boarding facilities
  • Plenty of play time
  • Opportunity to socialise with other birds

Gold Coast and Brisbane Bird Boarding – Bird Sitting Services

We have had animals over the years end up in our surgery because the owner decided to leave them in the care of a friend or family instead of trusting in professional bird boarding services. In the end, it isn’t the fault of the friend, it’s the fault of the owner. The last thing you want is to come back from your extended holiday only to find out that your animal companion has died because of incomplete/improper care or even an accident.

Sadly, we have heard many stories over the years of a loving owner losing their life companion simply because another animal got loose and killed the bird while the friend that was parrot sitting was at work. We offer bird sitting services that will make sure that this scenario will never happen to you.

We have clients from all over Australia that choose us, be it Gold Coast or Brisbane – bird boarding with Currumbin Valley Vet will ensure that your feathery friend is safe and sound while you are away for your holiday.

Parrot Holiday Boarding – Parrot Sitting Services

At Currumbin Valley Vet, we want you to enjoy your trip while we keep your avian friend happy and safe while you are away. Our parrot holiday boarding service will ensure that you can do just that. The last thing you should be worried about while you are off on holiday is the safety of your bird.

Our parrot sitting services offer you peace of mind while you are away, knowing that your parrot is under the care of veterinary professionals in a safe and comfortable environment. Let us do the worrying while you are away on your travels and you will come back to a very happy bird!

The Experts in Boarding Birds

In conclusion, why not leave you your avian companion with an expert in boarding birds? You get to have a quality holiday without all the worry about whether or not your feathered friend is safe and they get to feel comfortable in the care of professionals. Our bird boarding facilities have been designed with the bird in mind. We are a pet first organisation that truly cares about your companions quality of life. So book your flights and leave the rest to us! Contact us today and find out more about our bird boarding services!


Can you leave birds alone for a few days?

Birds are social animals and are unhappy when left alone. They require company and need human interaction for a minimum of two hours a day while not being alone for longer than six or eight hours at the most. Your bird should spend enough time with you to feel like it is your companion and part of the flock. Its enclosure also won’t clean itself, and they can’t very well do it on their own. If you are planning on leaving for an extended period of time then you should search for bird sitters near me or consider a professional bird boarding facility.

Can I take my bird on holiday with me?

The answer is no. This would be extremely stressful for your avian companion and also close to impossible realistically. If you are going on holiday then you should definitely do a web search for bird boarding near me if you do not already have an avian vet that has the facilities for boarding birds. It is not advised to have friends or family look after your bird unless they are highly trained with birds and have the facilities to keep them safe.

What do I do with my bird when I go on holiday?

It is recommended that you leave your avian friend in the stewardship of a professional that has the proper training and environment for boarding birds. If you do not already know of one then you should do an online search for exotic pet boarding near me. Be sure to read through all of their reviews and if you have friends with birds, ask them what their preferred bird boarding facility is.

Where can I find bird boarding near me?

If you don’t have friends or family that already have birds to ask for recommendations, you can always join social media groups for bird owners. Use the search function within the group to see if there are already previous posts regarding bird boarding or boarding birds. In the event that there are none, make a post asking for something such as ‘Brisbane bird minding’. If that doesn’t garner any results, then take to the search engines and search for terms like exotic pet boarding near me. Always read through reviews and make sure to introduce them to your bird well before you board them to see how your avian companion reacts.

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