Spotted Python Prolapsed Hemi-penes

Prolapsed heme-penes on a spotted python.

Male pythons have heme-penes hidden in cloacal sacs. These are used in the mating process and are generally not visible. However in this case the heme-penes had prolapsed and as they could not be replaced, surgical intervention was required.

Under a general anaesthetic the prolapsed heme-penes were ligated and amputated.

The patient recovered uneventfully.


What are heme-penes in pythons?

Heme-penes are reproductive organs found in male pythons. They are usually hidden in cloacal sacs and are used during the mating process.

What problems do exotic animal vets treat?

A prolapsed heme-penes condition occurs when the heme-penes, which are usually not visible, become exposed and cannot be retracted back into the cloacal sacs. If this happens to your pet python, be sure to do a search for “vets near me for exotic animals” to find a vet who can provide appropriate treatment.

What is the treatment for prolapsed heme-penes in pythons?

If the heme-penes cannot be placed back into the cloacal sacs, surgical intervention is required. Under general anaesthetic, the prolapsed heme-penes are ligated and amputated.

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